Parent Testimonials

"Our family has been working with Liz Kraft for 5 years, and has found her to be a true dance professional, teaching our daughters with love and discipline. This past school year, we requested that Liz teach our 13 year old daughter private ballet lessons two days a week. Their time together was profitable as our daughter's ballet technique and confidence greatly improved. Liz is knowledgeable about the world of ballet. She is inspiring, strict and challenges her students. Additionally, we are encouraged with Liz's loyalty to her students and their parents. She often reminds our daughter to be thankful for the opportunity to study ballet and to be mindful of the sacrifices parents make to afford ballet classes. It is a pleasure to have Liz Kraft as part of our daughter's dance journey."

Respectfully, Scott and Sumer Curry

"Miss Liz is a wonderful ballet teacher!  She is passionate about teaching proper ballet technique, pushes her students to work hard in class, and focuses on the individual—both correcting their weaknesses and praising their strengths.  She strives to develop a love for the classical ballets, as well as contemporary works, in her students.  Miss Liz also understands the need for schedule flexibility (with family, school, church, and other activities) while balancing the necessary hours of dance training to excel."

Kerri Barclay (dance mom to Kate, who has taken classes from Liz Kraft for 3+ years)

"Liz Kraft brings a passion for the arts in dance to Oklahoma from a wealth of experience. She provides an excellent well-rounded approach to classical ballet that includes not only technique and training, but the study of ballet in vocabulary, terminology, research of well known and lesser known ballets as well as dancers, choreographers, styles, etc. to ensure the dancer and overall view and knowledge of ballet and dance in the world.

She is an effective choreographer and her knowledge of different dance styles and ballets for productions is extraordinary. Miss Liz's excellent training and teaching style produces amazing dancers who can take their training to create opportunities to share dance as an art throughout Oklahoma and the world. Her focused class environment and her drive to encourage dancers to excel in their training is a life mentoring ability that not many ballet or dance instructors have. She positively influences dancers through her ability to mentor through discipline, structured training and encouragement. These are all values that when applied will be carried throughout the dancer's life.

As a parent of a dancer who has trained with Miss Liz the past 5 and a half years, I am extremely pleased with the training and performing opportunities my daughter has experienced. Miss Liz has provided students growth and mature development through their dance training."

Jennifer Buckles

"My 12 year old daughter has taken ballet from Liz Kraft for the past 4 years. My daughter began at age 8 1/2 with no prior ballet training. Liz desires each every student to excel. A love and passion for dance and students is what sets her apart. Although Adella cried the first 10 weeks of ballet training, she now cries at the thought of not being in ballet and pointe daily. Miss Liz played an integral part in my daughter finding her passion and purpose in life. I highly recommend Liz Kraft as a dance instructor."

Kim Monasterial

"What we appreciate about Liz Kraft as a ballet/dance teacher is her commitment to excellence and her ability to instill in her students a drive for that same excellence.  We also love that she is strong in her faith and brings that to the ballet studio.  She teaches her students to love the Lord and do everything for the Glory of God, even dance!  Our daughter will take as as many classes from Liz as we will allow."  

She says, “Liz teaching ballet is the hardest thing I LOVE!” 

Tina Oliphant